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May Clinic News

May Clinic News

General | Apr 27, 2017

Flu Season

The flu season has again creep up upon us and we are currently offering flu clinics across the course of the day, please contact reception to book an appointment for one of these session.

If you are over 65 years of age, are pregnant or have a chronic condition eg: asthma or diabetes you will be entitled to a free government supplied flu vaccine. If you do not qualify for a government supplied vaccine, we will provide the latest quadrivalent flu vaccine for the same price as last year. Organisation are with staff over 15 are recommended to contact us to book a convenient time.


New GP to commence

With so much movement within our GP team over the past few months we continue to work hard in securing a long term GP to commence with us, at this point we anticipate a December start for our new GP. Between now and then we will do our best maintain our current team of Drs, while welcoming a number of locums to enable some annual leave for the current team.

At the end of March we wished Dr Linda Thompson a regrettable farewell knowing her clinical skills, personable manner and professionalism with be sorely missed by the Coleraine community.

Our Registrars Drs Alison Brown and Khaled Moussa have settled into their roles and are enjoying our busy clinic and hospital environments.


SMS Appointment Reminders

SMS Appointment Reminders commencing in January 2017 the clinic now utilises these SMS reminders for your appointment time, please be advised that fees may also be incurred for patients who fail to attend booked appointments. Please update your mobile phone details to ensure we can provide this service to you. If you do not wish to receive reminders via SMS please advise reception staff and they will amend your clinical record.